What Was Old Is New Again

What Was Old Is New Again

To Upholster May Be a Good Choice

Instead of discarding your outdated or worn furniture consider your option to reupholster.  Reupholstering allows you to chose your fabrics and embellishments, stylizing your furniture to fit your needs and décor.

These parsons chairs with their interesting profile and wood construction were a perfect candidate to reupholster.  This linen blend fabric with its soft tones and highlights of metallic gold made it a good choice for this formal dinning room.  The complimenting welt cord enhances the distinctive round curves of these chairs.

These newly reupholstered chairs with their tone on tone color now possess a modern elegance that is both attractive and welcoming.  They now enhance the table they surround. They are sure to be enjoyed for many years to come.



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Custom Drapes Reflect Your Style

Custom Drapes Reflect Your Style

Leading edge with tassel trim detail gives custom elegance to fall of drape

Tassel trim detail gives custom elegance to edge of drape

Pleated drapes are always in style and will work with any room decor. They are the little black dress of the fashion window treatment world. Forever in style, from the classic pinch pleat to the trending grommet pleat drape this style can be customized to enhance your room. Choosing custom drapes allow you to add design elements that work in your room and your budget. A new favorite choice of mine is flannel backed lining. This lining provides an insulating barrier and softness to the fall of the drape but eliminates the need for an additional flannel interlining. It saves an added step in fabrication, it provides a barrier against the cold and sun, it adds to the soft folds of the drape and it helps control the weight of the drape. The drape above is lined with a flannel backed lining.

Buying pre-made drapes is a popular choice, but once you allow yourself the experience of custom drapes you will appreciate the difference. Custom drapes have weight to them, they are substantial and they make a statement in your room that goes beyond just function. Many of my customers are surprised when they handle the drapes, the size of a panel and then the weight. For this reason, it is important to hang your drapes from the proper rod to avoid any bending of the rod.

This pinch pleat drapes falls just above the floor

This pinch pleat drapes falls to a length just above the floor

Custom window treatments enable you to fit the design to your window and your room decor. Your drapes are fabricated to fit your windows and your style. You choose the fall of your drape, whether they “kiss” the floor, fall just above the floor, or eloquently “break” on the floor, it is your style preference that prevails. Choose your pleat preference, pinch pleat, cartridge pleat, goblet pleat, euro pleat, the list goes on. There are so many beautiful designer fabrics to choose from that you will be glad to have a designer by your side. What may seem overwhelming to you becomes inspirational for me. How many products in your home are made to your specific preferences?

No one likes staring at a big, black, cold window in the middle of January that is just emanating cold. It doesn’t just look cold, it is cold. Dress those cold windows with drapes, close those drapes and let the decorator fabric that you love transform your room into a warm and inviting space. Having many windows is a great way to invite the outside in, it opens your house up filling it with light, but there are times you will want to shut out nature the sun or the cold, you may want privacy, or ambiance, and custom window treatments allow you the level of control that you desire.

Pinch pleats with custom drapety rod and rings

Pinch pleats se on custom Kirsch drapery rod and rings

Custom drapes are made to last. Hand made with high quality decorator fabric, made to handle allthat nature will throw at them over the years. Fabricated with linings and interlinings of your choice. They may seem like a luxury out of your reach but the added initial investment will save you over the years. Made to order and made to last, you will neither need to or want to replace your beautiful custom drapes.

Beautiful tassel trim hold back embellishes these drapes

Tassel trim hold back embellishes these drapes


View of Drapes

View of Drapes